Fixing Cressi Drake Max Dive Time

When I received my brand new Cressi Drake dive computer watch, all the historical fields (dynamic, static) were blank except one field in the Pro/Free mode and which is the longest time spent in free dive (middle line, right). It was set to 0’26” and I thought that after my first dive which, will be more than 0’26”, the historical 0’26” would disappear and reflect my dives. After my first session, where I did a dive in Pro mode for 1’27”, the counter hasn’t changed and after further looking at it I noticed a little 2 digit on top of it that could indicate 20’26” instead of 0’26” and that could explain why this counter will never be updated since no humans can hold his breath for over 20 minutes, at least when breathing regular air.

The issue might be linked to some tests performed during the manufacturing process when the watch is in test mode. Alhtough when entering to production mode all the counters and history should be cleared up. I contacted Cressi technical support and it took me few weeks to find the right person within the company. I must say that the experience has been extremely positive and within few days a solution was found and Cressi sent me a little piece of software that could reset this maximum dive time. Cressi is aware of the problem and have apparently taken corrective actions to prevent this issue in the future. To perform a proper reset of just the stuck value you will need the official Cressi Newton/Drake interface cable and a Windows based machine.

WARNING While the procedure is fairly straitghforward you might use it at your own risks since I don’t want to be held responsible for bricking your device or losing data.

  • Get your hands on the official Cressi Newton/Drake interface cable
  • Download the latest beta version of CressiPcInterface (Windows only, link provided by Cressi).
  • Unzip the content on your pc
  • Install it
  • From that point you can set your watch to PC LINK, connect it to the cable and check that the software can access your dive computer properly.
  • Close the Cressi PC interface software
  • Download and unzip it to your PC.
  • Make sure you dive computer is connected and set to PC LINK.
  • Launch the program “Drake_HistDiveTimeMax_Reset.exe”
  • Follow the program’s instructions

You can safely apply the patch since all your logs and other historical values will be kept intact. Please note that installing the CressPcInterface might not be mandatory although I haven’t tested with the current stable release.

Now it is time to check your Max Dive time in Pro/Free mode and it should have been reset ;)

After going out for a freediving session I checked the max. dive time value and it now matches what I did during that session.

Beside this little issue, this dive computer watch is a fantastic piece of hardware that is dedicated to freediving, and thus not only for activities at the sea but also at the pool for dynamic apnea and static apnea where it provides dedicated modes and programs.

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