Getting git-annex to run on unRAID

git-annex is an appealing Open Source replacement for Dropbox. You can easily install it on unRAID by following some easy steps.

Download script

I initially found a script here to create a Slackware package out of the generic Linux package but it didn’t work out of the box.

Please find here a modified version of the script that works on unRAID. It will download the git-annex binary package and create a working Slackware package.

Download and extract attached zip file into a temp directory (on unRAID).

Make script executable

  chmod +x git-annex.SlackBuild

Run the script

It will download the required packages.


Install the package

You can manually install it before adding it to your /etc/config/go

  upgradepkg --install-new git-annex-4.20130922-g7dc188a-i486-3_rdp.txz

Start the web app (if needed)

Do no start the web app like you would do on a laptop like:

 git-annex webapp

Instead specify unRAID IP address as listening address:

 git-annex webapp --listen=

You should get a login token. Copy it and paste it on a browser.

Play around with git-annex

The only thing that didn’t work was the Remote Server setup. While it worked for encrypted repo it didn’t work for unencrypted, full git repo as git-annex complains about unRAID not running git or git-annex.

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